Our service equation:

Expertise + Adaptability = Excellence

From planning
to installation
to inspection,
we’ve got you.

From planning to installation to inspection, we’ve got you.

At G & S, our scope of services reflects what we do best — drywall, metal framing, acoustical ceilings, and batt insulation. We specialize, but we’re flexible within those specialties, because each job is different and each site presents unique challenges.

Ultimately, the satisfaction of customers (again, we can them “partners”) matters most. To earn that satisfaction, we concentrate on precision, safety, cost-effectiveness, and timeliness when performing services related to the following:

Metal stud framing

Expertise meets craftsmanship. We make the most of the aesthetic and functional advantages that are realized by using metal stud framing instead of wood stud framing. We do the work using high-quality material and following industry best practices.


We don’t settle; we solve. From decorative options to durability concerns, important decisions abound. G & S experts help partners determine the drywall material that best suits job-specific needs. Then, we install with precision and care, for the long haul.

Acoustical ceilings

Sound solutions come from a mix of technical expertise and site-specific creativity. G & S experts are experienced in the use of acoustical ceiling tiles to absorb, block, or scatter sound. We have the skills and flexibility to meet physical and aesthetic objectives.

Batt Insulation

We roll quality, cost, and environmental advantages into one. Our team quickly installs batt-and-roll (or “blanket”) insulation that can enhance energy efficiency and reduce utility bills. Noise reduction and moisture protection are other potential advantages.

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